happy advent.

Went to the local Methodist church on Sunday. Thought about sleeping, but decided that, as it was Advent 1, I really wanted to go. Glad I went, it was a good-ish service. Okay, it was good, except for the whole applause thing. I’m very happy you have a nice choir. It’s inappropriate to clap for them in service. srsly.

Another odd thing. I was looking in the bulletin and it said “Advent Musical Meditations: Featuring music of the Christmas Season on your lunch break!” Which confused me. Is it Advent music or Christmas music? So I tried to get clarification from one of the ladies at the “information desk” (yes. they are that big) Christmas music was the answer. Then she threw in advent just to shit with me. I swear. They need to work on the difference between Christmas & Advent.

Happy (western) liturgical new year!

universe, wrap your arms around me. make me strong so i can take on anyone.


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