general announcements ahead:

ALLELUIA! I have teh wireless internets IN MY APARTMENT. That’s right. A week after I get the internet and wireless router, I FINALLY work out how to get it set up: for the record, it involved not using the disk they sent with the router, but going online to their website and downloading the software I needed.

I’m free at last. And, password protected to boot!

Unrelated, I’m frustrated because my college is partnered with the metro system here to give students a semester long pass for a discount, but apparently I can’t get it because you have to be under 23, which is dumb. I’m still a student!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure there was something else I wanted to say, but I can’t remember what and now it’s getting late. So, imma just go to bed now. hopefully I’ll be able to sleep.



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