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16 January 2011

I am HOME. I can’t say I’ve ever lived in STL before, but it just seems so… right. I have some things I still need to do, like set up internet service, buy my books and find my parking spot but I am so excited about being here.

Nursing school — that’s a whole other thing. I’m terrified about that. But we aren’t going to dwell on that. Classes start Tuesday and I’ll deal with it when it happens. In the meantime, I’m excited about being here. I think it’s time to head home to make some FOOD. OMG I’m not on nights anymore! (I’m excited about that as well.)



12 January 2011

Okay People!

That’s a good start. Well, really, it’s more like a good “middle” to the packing. Good things got done today. Probably not enough, but we’re turning in early tonight so we won’t sleep til “way too freakin’ late” and will GET SHIT DONE! tomorrow. Or, as it is already Wednesday, today. So, I suppose I should amend that third sentence to “Good things got done yesterday.” But, just here. Cause I’m not going to go back all the way up there ^ to change it.

aaaand, on that note, it’s time to attempt sleep once again.

we’re so not getting our deposit back…

11 January 2011

It’s a long lonely road to a cold unwelcoming grave; and then there’s the bad days. ~Rev. Thorne, Little Mosque. From what might possibly be my most favorite sermon ever.

So, I’m feeling a bit better. Having major freak outs, but even those seem to be subsiding a little. PRESSING ON (as long as I stay distracted)

That’s all I have to say for now. Moving this weekend. Classes start Tuesday. *insert screaming/palpitations here X*


um, so here is some stuff to read:

4 January 2011

So, between becoming OMG ill on Thursday and too dumb to call in, I popped ibuprofen all night and did the work thing. And then again on Friday. Saturday I didn’t have to work, but by then the fever was gone. Which I suppose is good. I still have a wicked cough, but at least there’s no fever.

Saturday I didn’t get enough sleeps and Sunday sent me into this downward spiral of

~I hate myself
~Imma fail out of nursing school
~No one here will miss me
~I have no friends
~I hate myself

It was lots of fun, let me tell you. I think I’m mostly better now. I am, at least, mostly distracted. Which works for me. My last day of work is tonight which is exciting and terrifying. It means I MUST NEEDS PACK! (oh holy crap, this is really happening.) Speaking of Oh Holy Crap, I think this is the only “holiday” music I voluntarily listened to this season.

Speaking of links, I have a couple more. Elle sent this to me with a simple note “I think this is more of a WIN” and I have to agree.
epic fail photos - Puzzle Book FAIL

And finally, a horrible headline. At Least 80 Die as Africans Continue to Defy Death Crossing into Yemen I mean, simply in terms of there not being all that much death-defying in that article and really just sad because people are dying to be in a safe country. And if you consider Yemen to be worth dying for, your home must be really bad. There used to be news reports out about smugglers getting close to land, seeing the Yemeni Coast Guard and forcing the refugees to jump overboard because they didn’t want to get caught. Thankfully I haven’t seen that recently.

I think it’s time to start taking up the daily prayer for refugees…

Once again, this has been your hastily composed, run-on sentanced, sleepy post. Yes. The post is sleepy.

random things i’ll probably delete when i get some sleep

8 December 2010

You know those days when you hate yourself? It’s like you dwell on every little thing you said and did in the past decade and how it was all terrible? Yeah. Welcome to my day — well night but now going into the day. Now I can’t sleep. Go figure.

I should probably read some Psalms. But that’ll probably screw me all up too. Dear Jesus: SAY WHA? srsly.

I know, I know, that one of you who’s all “dana, is this really jesus’ fault?” i say, “well probably not but i’m still pissed about the whole Betty thing, which really was his fault. and totally not related to this at all.

While I’m taking out my illogically-related-to-the-trinity things out, Dear Holy Spirit: Please be a little more OBVIOUS about things you say to your people. Cause a lot of people say you told them shit, and it’s kinda hard to reconcile. All I’m sayin’ is a little *raises hand* “you know, I really DIDN’T speak to that crazy televangelist” I’d be like more cool with you as a general idea. So, when you get on that, give me a heads up with everyone else.

Cause you know I tend to be the last to know shit. Also, to the Father part: can we work on people skillz? Mine in particular, but your whole “christian” people could use a little of that action.

One final thing for the whole Trinity: Thanks for this semester almost being over. And thanks for making it look like this whole “nursing school” thing might just work out. I’m beginning to believe it’s really going to happen. I’ll totally believe it when I move. Though I won’t ever trust it’s real until I have that BSN in hand.


17 October 2010

dear bob marley,
i know you said that
every thing’s gonna be alright,
but sometimes
i have a lot of difficulty believing that

i believe it
but i wish i didn’t.

that’s all for now


12 October 2010

I have SO much I want to read. I pulled a book from an undergrad course out this morning and there are so many essays in it that I want to read. A reader on American religious history. Still working on Holy Silence and don’t forget Isaiah or Religious Literacy.

None of which has anything to do with the reading I’m supposed to be doing for that class I’m in. Oh well.

I need to sleep because I have to work again tonight.

a cooking duh.

24 September 2010

In the chronicles of “Why the hell didn’t i think of this before now?” I present to you,

You know how when you buy fresh veggies… Wait. you might not know this. Let me explain. Sometimes, I want to make a dish. It requires fresh vegetables. Often these vegetables are sold in units larger than the recipe calls for, and for whatever reason you can’t just buy a smaller amount. So I buy them and I use what the recipe calls for. And the rest go bad. REALLY! and then a month later I’m all, “Man, I need some celery!” and the cycle repeats.

So, I have this celery in the fridge because um. the carrot curry recipe called for it. And I’m all “I should use it. I should eat it. I’m going to have to throw this out!” When all of a sudden I saw this blog post (which I can’t for the life of me find right now) that had a picture of celery, cut up and in a FREEZER BAG. It was like MY WHOLE LIFE expanded. FREEZE the food you can’t eat right away. Like the thought never crossed my mind. God, I’m dumb sometimes. But I just saved me some celery. (I assume you can do this with other foods. and probably not with some.)

Anyway. I think this idea came from Budget Bytes but if not, it’s still 100% worth checking out.

On a completely unrelated note: KANSAS CITY, HERE I COME! (you know, insha’allah, b’ezret hashem, we will with god’s help +) We are going to church it up.

exhibiting 3 signs

11 September 2010

sure signs i’m depressed:

1) Blue October on repeat
2) Skipping out on church
3) Ignoring friends.


21 August 2010

So, I went to Temple today. Or Friday night, which might be today. Whatever. It was different. And yet, at the same time very familiar.

Reading psalms. Words that are very familiar to me, putting them in a new light. An alter. Carrying the Torah around the room. People kissing it, or touching their seder to it and kissing that. Kissing things, it’s becoming familiar.

Chanting. At times very bad Hebrew chanting. Bad chanting is something I’m familiar with, and in certain ways truly love, along with its sister, bad singing. But there were parts where the congregation was more familiar and raised its voice together. Very lovely.

I think I’m going to add it to my list of places I go regularly, as my work schedule allows. I wonder what this makes me.