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Modeh Ani

1 April 2012

So, I borrowed a siddur from the shul I’ve been attending to look over it more in-depth. Starting from the very beginning I found this “[…]  should wake up […] with a lionlike resolve to serve his creator.” 

RAWR!  gotta love that ArtScroll commentary.



11 July 2011

i need a couch. delivered. stat.

in other news: i am PANTS!LESS. car-free’s the way to be.

<3 stl

6 May 2011

sightings today:
hijabi waiting at the metro station
hijabi outside a restaurant in the loop
two latter day saint missionaries next to me at an intersection
hijabi in a minivan texting at a red light.

according to a friend, it’s raining hijabis. and according to me, that’s even better than it raining men. is it wrong to be a little disappointed the missionaries didn’t try to convert me? though i had my headphones in and didn’t look at them but to check the name badge on their pockets…


4 March 2011

I am all packed up, for the most part. Of course I still have to add the computer. Hopefully picking up the car won’t take too much time after class and all I’ll have to do is put everything in it and DRIVE. Springfield, here I come! So excited to see both Temple Israel & St. Thomas. I miss them so much.

I need this spring break like whoa. Classes are starting to really get to me. Thankfully the weather is starting to nicen up and I took my bike to the shop so they can do a general tune up on her. Then, maybe, I’ll begin to feel like I really live here.

Like most posts, I’m not really sure this makes any sense. I will see some of you soon!

it’s not really late night yet, is it?

14 February 2011

So, I have two tests next week and I’m trying to figure out the muscarinic receptors in the peripheral nervous system and it’s all crazy-like. And then there’s the adronergic receptors as well AND the Central nervous system. Somehow I don’t think L-Dopa is going to carry me through. Especially since I only remember a little about it. Anyway, what am I doing instead of studying? I’m glad you asked. I found this repository of videos that an OTC instructor put up of religious leaders talking to her religion class. So, I’m watching Fr. Moses Berry, who’s pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch Rabbi Sherwin’s videos on Judaism and Dr. Waafa Kaff’s on Islam too.

But I’m going to leave you with a quote from Fr. Moses Berry and get back to studying.

“If you can imagine a virgin birth, you can definitely imagine a weeping icon. If you can imagine Jesus being nailed to the cross and resurrecting after he died, then a weeping icon is not such a leap.”

yeah, youtube.

13 February 2011

So, I think I want to write a bit about the services I went to this weekend, but I don’t really want to right now. Instead, I think I’ll leave you with this adorable chipmunk in slo-mo.


11 February 2011

Let me give you a rundown of some shit I’ve done this week.
There will be some gratuitous caps lock.

Last Friday: HAIRS CUT OFF
all weekend through tuesday: Palpitations, weird dreams, headaches and thoughts of stroke/heart attack
Tuesday: med math test: PASSED (which, incidentally means 100% heck YES)
Wednesday: FIRST NURSING TEST EVAR! Health Assessment test, just checked grade, and I totally A-ed it!
Thursday: FIRST LAB CHECK-OFFS! PASSED (phlebotomy, IV & catheters.)

Things to do this weekend:
STUDY. OMG TESTS next week. Pharmacology is on Tuesday followed by Intro to Nursing on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure there are some more math tests in there. The Patho test is the following Monday.

I know I have a lot of studying to do, but I hope to get a few services in as well. I’m enjoying my time at one of the reform temples around here and I’m hoping to go to an african-american pentecostal church Sunday morning. I had hoped to go to the Episcopal church last Wednesday and I totally had time, but when I got home I forgot all about it and didn’t remember until an hour after it was over. Oops. Maybe next week. It would be nice way to relax after the test that afternoon.


5 February 2011


palpitations, I HAZ THEM 2!

it’s a party up in this house.

general announcements ahead:

30 January 2011

ALLELUIA! I have teh wireless internets IN MY APARTMENT. That’s right. A week after I get the internet and wireless router, I FINALLY work out how to get it set up: for the record, it involved not using the disk they sent with the router, but going online to their website and downloading the software I needed.

I’m free at last. And, password protected to boot!

Unrelated, I’m frustrated because my college is partnered with the metro system here to give students a semester long pass for a discount, but apparently I can’t get it because you have to be under 23, which is dumb. I’m still a student!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure there was something else I wanted to say, but I can’t remember what and now it’s getting late. So, imma just go to bed now. hopefully I’ll be able to sleep.

proof that i’m reading the texts…

27 January 2011

Slightly graphic ahead!

Do not let your stethoscope become a staph-oscope!

Critical Decision Point: If no urine appears, check if catheter is in vagina. If misplaced, leave catheter in vagina as landmark indicating where not to insert, and insert another sterile catheter.

It’s worth reading the book, just for this junk. srly amusing.