general announcements ahead:

30 January 2011

ALLELUIA! I have teh wireless internets IN MY APARTMENT. That’s right. A week after I get the internet and wireless router, I FINALLY work out how to get it set up: for the record, it involved not using the disk they sent with the router, but going online to their website and downloading the software I needed.

I’m free at last. And, password protected to boot!

Unrelated, I’m frustrated because my college is partnered with the metro system here to give students a semester long pass for a discount, but apparently I can’t get it because you have to be under 23, which is dumb. I’m still a student!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure there was something else I wanted to say, but I can’t remember what and now it’s getting late. So, imma just go to bed now. hopefully I’ll be able to sleep.


proof that i’m reading the texts…

27 January 2011

Slightly graphic ahead!

Do not let your stethoscope become a staph-oscope!

Critical Decision Point: If no urine appears, check if catheter is in vagina. If misplaced, leave catheter in vagina as landmark indicating where not to insert, and insert another sterile catheter.

It’s worth reading the book, just for this junk. srly amusing.

temple thoughts

22 January 2011

So, I got a phone call today from the hospital I worked at before I started nursing school. The hospital I officially turned in my badge in about three weeks ago because I don’t work there anymore. “dana, i was wondering if you would be able to come in to work any part of tonight.” uh… no.

And then I went to the reform temple that’s around the corner from me. They were doing a Tu B’Shavat Seder and there were some awkward moments before I went in to the hall, but it ended up being okay. Not necessarily the style I really prefer but okay. Okay that’s not true, I wasn’t a big fan. I didn’t care for their musical settings because I prefer not having instruments. It was a little too happy-clappy guitar-hippy for me.

This is all an aside from my main point. We’re sitting at tables, and this guy next to me is middle aged and kinda creeping me out. Making bad puns with date-the-fruit, you know? Anyway, about three-quarters the way through this service, he turns to me and asks
“Are you from?”
My gut reaction is “Am I from where?
And he clarified “Are you frum?
I said “No.” and held back the “I’m not even Jewish!”

I wonder about places that claim to be “open to everyone” or “open to people of all levels of observance” I don’t think it’s practical or possible, really. If you’re super-traditional religiously speaking, you’re going to want people to be moving towards your way of thought. And if you are super-liberal people in that conservative/traditional path are not going to be comfortable at your service. That’s not wrong or bad, I don’t think. I just is…

Wednesday Night

19 January 2011

So, I fail at being a normal human being. I think I need remedial lessons on how to talk to clergy.

I decided to go to the local Episcopal church this evening for Eucharist. After the service the minister came up to me and tried to have a conversation, but I apparently am pretty damn good at shutting those things down. She asked where I was from, and I told her. Then she asked if I went to the Episcopal church there and I said something along the lines of, “No. … Well, I went a few times, but I didn’t much care for it there… You know?” And it was apparent she did NOT know.

Then another man piped up with “Isn’t that were Trinity Episcopal is?” “No, actually there is ” and I list off the four Episcopal churches I know are there. Which is apparently an odd answer. Whatevs.

And from there, it just went downhill. In retrospect, I should have mentioned that I’d gone to the Episcopal church for a long time before moving to Springfield and that none of the ones there were a good “fit” for me. Whatever that means. But it was fairly obvious I had been to an Episcopal service before, was


16 January 2011

I am HOME. I can’t say I’ve ever lived in STL before, but it just seems so… right. I have some things I still need to do, like set up internet service, buy my books and find my parking spot but I am so excited about being here.

Nursing school — that’s a whole other thing. I’m terrified about that. But we aren’t going to dwell on that. Classes start Tuesday and I’ll deal with it when it happens. In the meantime, I’m excited about being here. I think it’s time to head home to make some FOOD. OMG I’m not on nights anymore! (I’m excited about that as well.)


12 January 2011

Okay People!

That’s a good start. Well, really, it’s more like a good “middle” to the packing. Good things got done today. Probably not enough, but we’re turning in early tonight so we won’t sleep til “way too freakin’ late” and will GET SHIT DONE! tomorrow. Or, as it is already Wednesday, today. So, I suppose I should amend that third sentence to “Good things got done yesterday.” But, just here. Cause I’m not going to go back all the way up there ^ to change it.

aaaand, on that note, it’s time to attempt sleep once again.

we’re so not getting our deposit back…

11 January 2011

It’s a long lonely road to a cold unwelcoming grave; and then there’s the bad days. ~Rev. Thorne, Little Mosque. From what might possibly be my most favorite sermon ever.

So, I’m feeling a bit better. Having major freak outs, but even those seem to be subsiding a little. PRESSING ON (as long as I stay distracted)

That’s all I have to say for now. Moving this weekend. Classes start Tuesday. *insert screaming/palpitations here X*


um, so here is some stuff to read:

4 January 2011

So, between becoming OMG ill on Thursday and too dumb to call in, I popped ibuprofen all night and did the work thing. And then again on Friday. Saturday I didn’t have to work, but by then the fever was gone. Which I suppose is good. I still have a wicked cough, but at least there’s no fever.

Saturday I didn’t get enough sleeps and Sunday sent me into this downward spiral of

~I hate myself
~Imma fail out of nursing school
~No one here will miss me
~I have no friends
~I hate myself

It was lots of fun, let me tell you. I think I’m mostly better now. I am, at least, mostly distracted. Which works for me. My last day of work is tonight which is exciting and terrifying. It means I MUST NEEDS PACK! (oh holy crap, this is really happening.) Speaking of Oh Holy Crap, I think this is the only “holiday” music I voluntarily listened to this season.

Speaking of links, I have a couple more. Elle sent this to me with a simple note “I think this is more of a WIN” and I have to agree.
epic fail photos - Puzzle Book FAIL

And finally, a horrible headline. At Least 80 Die as Africans Continue to Defy Death Crossing into Yemen I mean, simply in terms of there not being all that much death-defying in that article and really just sad because people are dying to be in a safe country. And if you consider Yemen to be worth dying for, your home must be really bad. There used to be news reports out about smugglers getting close to land, seeing the Yemeni Coast Guard and forcing the refugees to jump overboard because they didn’t want to get caught. Thankfully I haven’t seen that recently.

I think it’s time to start taking up the daily prayer for refugees…

Once again, this has been your hastily composed, run-on sentanced, sleepy post. Yes. The post is sleepy.


25 December 2010

So, I decided to go to the orthodox church for nativity vigil tonight. Partially because I hadn’t ever been to this service and partially because I figured they wouldn’t do the traditional Christmas hymns. I’ve been pretty much completely bah-humbuggy this year and have pretty much ignored Advent, with the intent of avoiding Christmas as much as possible.

I walked into the service and stood behind some other people. I was thinking the service would be fairly long, definitely more than an hour, probably closer to two or three, but wanted to know if it were longer than that, for sure. Finally I walked over to Steve, a (longer term than me, anyway) member and asked “How long is this service.”
He paused and said “Really long.”
Needing a bit more clarification, as I knew that much already, I asked “Yeah, but how long”
Holding up three fingers, he said “Three hours. I think. I mean, Easter vigil is about that long, so I believe it will be about that long.”

So yeah, it was a little over three hours. Three and a half, if you count the post-communion prayers. My clothes smell highly of incense. Gotta say, I really love it.

In other words, I’m finally getting used to the “Christ is Risen/He is and shall be” response and now they’ve gone and changed it to “Christ is Born/Glorify Him” or something.

One final note on the Orthodox service, I was totally wrong about the carols. They were sung. I thought I was going to have a panic attack during them. Ugh. BE NORMAL DANA.


16 December 2010

Dear Internet,

What would Jesus snack on?

❤ dana.