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outing + sighting

26 April 2009

I slept in this morning and debated back and forth about going to Springfield to the mall. I know I don’t need anything, but man, I want to see what’s out. I want a new skirt!

So, I wait around, call a friend. Finally I decide that, hey, since I’m already dressed, I might as well go. I get there, I’m driving in the parking lot and I see a family. Father, pushing a stroller, a couple children walking near him and his wife. Who happens to be wearing a brown abaya/jilbab, lacy brown scarf and a half niqaab tied under the hijab.

It is good that I came today. I’m calling the day a Full House. I ended up seeing three niqaabis and two women in bonnets! They made me feel ridiculously ‘undercover’ in my white-with purple-pink-orange flowered kerchief. Which, by the way, was complimented by the sales lady at New York & Company. She was a very good sales lady. Creepily so.

Plus, I got three sweaters on sale and three tshirts to replace some I bought to take with me to Yemen. Yeah, they were getting holes in them. Unfortunately, I have to go back tomorrow because one of the sweaters I bought didn’t get that security tag removed. What will tomorrow bring?



15 April 2009

Seen at Target:

Woman, with a white bonnet in a grey dress. Wearing a track-style jacket and sneakers with, what I can only assume are Target tall socks. Working with the digital photo kiosk.

Warmed my heart.

Happy Election Day!

4 November 2008

I voted. And then I went on down the road to an flea market that my mom and I visited while she was here and I bought two hanky/scarves and two hats, one of which might be considered a beret and the other which MIGHT be considered a “bonnet” though I disagree with the latter. Will take picture, fii mustaqbal, insha’allah. and you can decide.