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why is everybody always chasing we?

7 October 2010

Dear Matisyahu,
I love you. I’m sorry I listened to those naysayers commenting on “Youth” It’s fantastic.
❤ dana.

Jerusalem, if I forget you, let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do.

So, on a completely different note: I started this book by Stephen Prothero, Religious Literacy and it has me thinking about my own religious literacy. I have a good general knowledge of world religions, and I remember stuff from when I was a kid about Bible stories. But some people, man! They really know their Bible! I have a good overview of it, but I can’t quote anything at length. (I can make up faux psalms though).

Anyway, I know when Isaac said he read most of the Bible, I think he finished it up with “and I’ll never do that again” but, I think once again, I am resolved to read … some more of it. at least. We’ll see.


reading list.

29 May 2009

So, it has come to my attention that I haven’t read a book in an insanely long time. No good. I thought that I would just pull up my trusty book list that I compiled long ago, but still return to when I haven’t read anything in ages. Alas, it seems to be locked up in Victor, the computer that died mid-January. I guess what I’m saying is,

Have you read anything good lately?