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it’s not really late night yet, is it?

14 February 2011

So, I have two tests next week and I’m trying to figure out the muscarinic receptors in the peripheral nervous system and it’s all crazy-like. And then there’s the adronergic receptors as well AND the Central nervous system. Somehow I don’t think L-Dopa is going to carry me through. Especially since I only remember a little about it. Anyway, what am I doing instead of studying? I’m glad you asked. I found this repository of videos that an OTC instructor put up of religious leaders talking to her religion class. So, I’m watching Fr. Moses Berry, who’s pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch Rabbi Sherwin’s videos on Judaism and Dr. Waafa Kaff’s on Islam too.

But I’m going to leave you with a quote from Fr. Moses Berry and get back to studying.

“If you can imagine a virgin birth, you can definitely imagine a weeping icon. If you can imagine Jesus being nailed to the cross and resurrecting after he died, then a weeping icon is not such a leap.”


masjid time.

30 August 2010

I am officially an effed up spiritual wanderer. I wonder when the intention isn’t good enough and the fact that I have attended a service from all three Abrahamic faiths in ~8 days just makes me a spiritual voyeur.

A while back I made my Arabic instructor from several years ago promise to teach me how to pray. I reminded her a couple weeks ago about it and she’s like “What better time than Ramadan to learn?” Indeed. What better time? So, Saturday I went with her and a few other people (mostly students) to the Islamic Center, they broke their fast, I just ate. And then we prayed. Or, I did the motions and they prayed. Then the meal. And then more praying. Then we broke down the prayers together. It was really nice.

And now I’m practicing at home. What does that make me? Well, I’m not a Muslim. I just pray like one sometimes. Jesus & I have some problems. Or rather, I have some problems and Jesus is there and I like to make conclusions that aren’t causal, but I’m totally not jumping ship. I’m gonna stick with “I’m a Christian who doesn’t know quite what she believes” for now.