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oh holy something or other, i passed.

17 March 2011

alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, glory to thee oh god.

srsly. I had a test on Wednesday that I was pretty sure I failed. Like making deals with God about getting a 50% on it. Okay, I don’t think I promised anything directly, unless it was a promise to study much harder next time. And I did better than a 50. I’m not quite sure how at this time, other than divine mercy and possibly intervention. Which means I might possibly believe in divine intervention. Though I can’t say for sure right now.

so sleepy.



11 February 2011

Let me give you a rundown of some shit I’ve done this week.
There will be some gratuitous caps lock.

Last Friday: HAIRS CUT OFF
all weekend through tuesday: Palpitations, weird dreams, headaches and thoughts of stroke/heart attack
Tuesday: med math test: PASSED (which, incidentally means 100% heck YES)
Wednesday: FIRST NURSING TEST EVAR! Health Assessment test, just checked grade, and I totally A-ed it!
Thursday: FIRST LAB CHECK-OFFS! PASSED (phlebotomy, IV & catheters.)

Things to do this weekend:
STUDY. OMG TESTS next week. Pharmacology is on Tuesday followed by Intro to Nursing on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure there are some more math tests in there. The Patho test is the following Monday.

I know I have a lot of studying to do, but I hope to get a few services in as well. I’m enjoying my time at one of the reform temples around here and I’m hoping to go to an african-american pentecostal church Sunday morning. I had hoped to go to the Episcopal church last Wednesday and I totally had time, but when I got home I forgot all about it and didn’t remember until an hour after it was over. Oops. Maybe next week. It would be nice way to relax after the test that afternoon.

a long day’s night? or night’s day?

16 September 2010

Sometimes, after a really ridiculously stressful night, ending with my coworkers being awesome people, all I really want is that bike ride home. And then I realize I was running late last night and drove PANTS! instead of riding the bike (which still needs a name, thinking zaharah right now) DOWNER. So I drove home, showered and rode the bike to class.

Which was lovely. Not the class. I’d like nothing more than to stab the professor with plastic forks because he drives me batty. BUT the ride home was FANTASTIC. I sang “I wear my sunglasses at night” and then made up a song about CHF and COPD and how they suck and may end up requiring fluid restrictions and diuretic medications.

And now I need to go to sleep because I want to go to a couple of churches tonight.


14 September 2010

So, I bike right? I mean, I have a car for really ridiculous weather, but I bike to work frequently.

One of my pet peeves when it comes to cars and bikes is when a car passes me in an intersection. I HATE IT. As a biker, I feel really vulnerable at intersections because if I’ve come to a complete stop, I’m going slower anyway. I’m more unsteady as well. Plus, I have the possibility of traffic from three directions. When you pass in the intersection, it’s all like an attack. It just seems silly to me anyway, because the intersection isn’t that big! I mean, they always have to end!

So, I was riding home from class today (in the rain!) and this SUV passes me in an intersection. Grrr. BUT! It made my day when I pulled up right behind it at the next intersection because he had to wait on the red. HAHA! I win.

SRSLY. It’s like my favorite thing ever when cars pass me irresponsibly and then I catch up to them at the next light. Because not only have I caught them, meaning they didn’t actually save ANY time, they are often the trigger for the light to change.

It’s like “I WIN” squared. 🙂

semester summation

21 May 2009

So, the semester ended with a final last Friday. Grades were posted Tuesday and I made A’s in both Psychology and Physiology. Yay. Especially since I was considering taking a B in Psych because I was 5 “chapter logs” behind. I spent some serious petitioning time in during finals week before I actually sat down to write them Thursday. Obviously they were due on Friday at the Final.

Mercifully, my boss allowed me to go home early Thursday. I finished the papers with much less stress than I had anticipated and then stayed up for several more hours doing the Extra Credit assignment, which doubled as our study guide for the final. Yeah, you kinda have to love community college freshman level courses.  Or hate them. Whatever.

Credit hour summation: 7 Credit hours this semester, 191 (if I can add) cumulative undergraduate. Holy Crap. When I get done with the BSN, expect mid 200’s. One of the other students in psychology with me stated that his gpa couldn’t handle another B at this point. I’m thinking, eh? what’s another B. I have a reasonable gpa, it’s not going to hurt it all that much, really. What’s the difference between a 3.36 and a 3.39 or 3.35? Don’t they all round to 3.4?

Also, given the death (or at least comatose) state of the Little Blue Death Bucket (I’m expecting a DNR from the mechanic any minute now) the summer semester will be class free and will  pick up in the fall, god willing!

I am now looking into the possiblity of staying with some nuns for a while in July. I’d like them to be Epsicopal (even though my priest insists that Episcopal nuns are generally  ‘the bad kind of liberal/hippie’) because I want communion, damnit. But I’d go just about anywhere. Any suggestions?


15 October 2008

WHOA! Anatomy is OVA! insha’allah I did well enough on my tests to get an A. We shall see.

just a monday.

22 September 2008

A multimini update, which seems to be all I can handle anymore. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

I had my anatomy lab practical today, I don’t think I failed anymore. Not quite sure how I did. There was definite cramming going on postwork until about two am when I completely gave up. Even after that, there wasn’t much sleep. I did however, catch my dog when I got home so there wasn’t much cursing at him because of his dumbass barking all night. yay.

Between the lack of sleep, work stress and class and the fact that I carry all this stress in my shoulders, I can now feel my trapezius muscles are tense all the way down my back. great!

I bought this scarf at sears on Friday for a quarter the price I thought it would be and I thought it was half off, so YAY new red scarf. When I was getting ready today, I decided to wear my Rastafari shirt. I put on a green jacket over the shirt and a yellow underscarf with the black headband and red scarf and in the planning stages  (really rediculously sleep deprived planning stages) I thought this would be amazing. Red, green, yellow, a glorious combination of Rasta, right? well, except I had a black headband, a yellow stripe and then the red scarf which ended up looking much more German, since I’m wearing hijab style, it looks muslim, add in the rasta shirt and it was almost schizophrenic. for real. and then the yellow was bunching and blah blah blah. sucky head covering day.

Planning a couple of battles with my boss today. Should be fun.

All things got done yesterday. I successfully removed my car battery, replaced it with a new one from Walmart, reinstalled it. Put the spare tire on the other car. later this week I will need to go have the dud tire patched. PLUS I made it to mass. More to say on that later.

peace, ya’ll.