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Cute, But not too bright.

29 August 2008

So, the other night I was out of food for my dog. So I go to the local ‘place which shall not be named’ and get his food. I walk over to the register and a young man is working. I’ve seen him there about this time before. I’m not sure what his name is, but I call him “Cute, But Not Too Bright” Boy. Because, well, he’s cute, but not too bright. Any way, CBNTBBoy is standing at the register, with it open holding a whole freaking stack of bills. As I walk over he puts them away.

I do the check out thing, and as I’m getting ready to walk away, he comments, “It’s been quiet tonight.” It is at this point I realize I’ve been in nursing for too long. I immediately start knocking on the counter. “Don’t say that!” Ah, well. At least I know the nursing culture. I think it will be a good fit.