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11 June 2009

Why can’t I find a good Episcopalian/Anglican prayer for those with mental illness? Why is our BCP silent on this issue? I mean, there are some prayers that point themselves in that direction, but none outright about it, at least not that I can find. A quick google search leaves me pretty much empty handed as well. This is an oversight that needs to be remedied, and how. Either that or someone needs to point me to it.


convention is ova.

27 October 2008

a post wherein I name people who don’t know they are being named and post a picture as well.

random conventioner: Mother Mimi wants to speak to you.
dana: uh. I don’t know who Mother Mimi is.
RC: She’s in the convention room over there.
dana: But I still don’t know who that is. Why does she want to talk to me?”
RC: I don’t know, but she said she wanted to talk to the ‘young lady in a green jacket and a red turban’.
Nancy: Come on, I’ll take you to her.
dana: uh… okay.

the young lady in the green jacket and red turban.

(we all know there’s only one reason someone wants to speak to the “young lady in the green jacket and red turban”)

In the end, it was a very nice priest who inquired if I was Muslim. Again I say, no. We actually talked for a little while, asked how I came to the Episcopal Church. Wherein I talked WAY too much and kept glancing at my priest who was standing there as well. As in “I think I told you all this before. Maybe…” and “I’m not real sure what I’m doing, what the hell am I doing?”

In the end, it was all good because she let me take her picture to document the Episcopal Women in Sport Coat phenomenon. And in the end it wasn’t all good because I couldn’t flip the picture the right direction when I tried to post it.