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victory is almost mine…

9 April 2009

So, I thought I would post something completely different and somewhat celebratory.

When I came home from the Yemen in December 2007 one of the first things I did was buy shampoo, conditioner and a bottle of liquid soap. Sounds pretty responsible, right? I knew I would be living alone in my Mom’s house and thought that I should have some of the essentials. I get home, pleased with my selection. I use some of it, when all of a sudden I realized just how much stuff my mom has left in the house, including bath things.

I then resolved not to buy any more shampoo, conditioner or body soap until all of it in the cupboard was used up. I figured that there was a lot of it in there; it would probably last oh, six months or so. I also figured I would be saving myself some money and shopping time by not buying anything new in that area until June-ish.

Then, all of a sudden it was June. And it looked like I hadn’t even put a dent in it. Sure, I had moved through some bars of soap and finished a few bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but I had seriously underestimated the amount of buildup that living in the same house for 20 years can bring.  “A few more months,” I said to myself and plugged along, using a bit more as my hair grew longer.

And then it was December 2008. A whole year had passed. I was still working on all of the stuff in the cabinet. I kept the bottles I had bought a year ago on the tub to use intermittently when I wanted to have a cohesive “smell” or whatever. The cabinet was beginning to clear a bit. But there was still SO MUCH!

And now it’s April, and I can finally see the light at the end of the Shampoo Tunnel. I’m down to an almost empty bottle of baby shampoo and some odds and ends of travel shampoos plus the original one I bought over a year ago. I think Shampoo shopping is probably less than a month away. Victory is almost mine!

Conditioner and soap is a completely different story. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept going until June or longer. We will see. Only time will tell.


work, ugh!

26 November 2008

For the past three weeks or so I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with my job. To the point where all of last week was spent walking around in near tears. Not a good place for me. I think a lot of it is the job. It’s boring and repetitive. I am also really frustrated with my company’s seeming lack of consistancy and now wonder if this is just a ‘my company’ thing or if it is a profession wide thing, which might mean my intended career is not for me.

I’ve talked to my boss about the possiblity of reverting back to my old job, and I think my decision is to wait until January. Then, I’ll be taking Physiology and hopefully will be doing some kind of part time thing, which hopefully will be giving me some more variety and another month a) won’t kill me and b) might give me a little more perspective. because I’m leaning towards the idea that I might not love this job, but the past three weeks of misery might also be partially attributable to the fact that my family has been everpresent in ways I’m not accustomed to in this past year. What, with my mother coming down twice in three weeks and my sister coming down with husband and baby tomorrow.

I live alone! I’m not used to this much human interaction. Throw in a good dose of hormones and BAM! depressive funk. Which I THINK is lifting, if I don’t think of Thanksgiving…

So, this has had nothing to do with headcovering, but I needed to get it said.

mom update and snoods

9 November 2008

So, Mom was here last weekend and I did my headcovering ‘thang’ with no comments from her. I mostly expected that after she went home, she’d call within the week and ask about it. But the week has passed, and no questions.

While she was here, we went to a small town with this amazing flea market downtown. There are about five flea markets on one street. While walking through one, I was checking out the hats (in my red turban) and Mom said something about when she was a kid visiting relatives down south, “Everyone wore hats in the South during church back then.” Yup.

Carrying on a tradition, yo.



So, I’ve been trying for a while to make a cloth snood and my attempts have failed. FAILED like whoa. And maybe that’s partially because i’ve never seen one in real life. I really like this one from Garlands of Grace but I don’t have the money for it right now. And besides, I’m on this ‘I just bought a sewing machine, I AM INVINCIBLE!’ phase. I ran across some instructions online and man! they didn’t work.

This evening, I was trying again. After I finally gave up, I decided to play with this RIDICULOUSLY YELLOW square scarf I made from cheap WalMart fabric and ended up with the previously posted picture. I think I like it. It is as snoody as I think I will be able to get, plus I like that it doesn’t hang like more traditional snoods.  Elle, of course,  does not approve, in a way that only a long distance real live best friend can. But she has, from the beginning, vehemently protested the “snood.”

I think our friendship can handle this little bump. One of us will surely get over it! Any comments/suggestions about shape or ideas about how to make an actual snood?

oh, family!

30 October 2008

So, my mom is coming up on Friday. For those not in the know, I live in her house and she lives down a state with her mom, who needs the help. I haven’t seen my mom since I started covering and I … haven’t mentioned it.

Before I started covering, I talked to my priest a bit about it, got her opinion and set a ‘trial’ time frame. I was thinking about doing it for the semester. august to december ish. And she basically said, “If you’re going to try this, you can’t just do it for a week and go, ‘oh! not for me!’ You should do it until Christmas.” Huh. kinda perfect timing, eh?

Anyway. the point of that was, I might not see my mom in person until AFTER CHRISTMAS. I might decide to give up on this at Christmas. Why worry my mother over something she may never have to know about? And anyway, deceptions of omission are the easiest! (until you realize that you want to tell your mother “OH MAN! I found THE CUTEST scarf today!” or “You will not believe what someone said to me today!”)

So, she’s coming home. I think the plan of action is to do what I do and deal with questions as they come. Hopefully they will be better than “Are you sure you’re not converting to Islam?” because We’ve already done that one.