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<3 stl

6 May 2011

sightings today:
hijabi waiting at the metro station
hijabi outside a restaurant in the loop
two latter day saint missionaries next to me at an intersection
hijabi in a minivan texting at a red light.

according to a friend, it’s raining hijabis. and according to me, that’s even better than it raining men. is it wrong to be a little disappointed the missionaries didn’t try to convert me? though i had my headphones in and didn’t look at them but to check the name badge on their pockets…


exhibiting 3 signs

11 September 2010

sure signs i’m depressed:

1) Blue October on repeat
2) Skipping out on church
3) Ignoring friends.

8 August 2010

So, what do you do when the whole world kinda crumbles in a little?

internet conversations 5

15 June 2009

isaac: it’s been a pretty bad day.
dana: “when something good happens we say masha’allah, something bad happens que sera sera” ~k’naan
isaac: but what if you don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing?
dana: mash’ara
dana: que sallah
isaac: que sera allah

‘que sera allah’ might just be the most perfect phrase ever.


4 May 2009

josh: you know what happens when you put god off, right?
dana: no, what?
josh: it goes something along the lines of
josh: boats and oceans and storms;
josh: big scary sea creatures and emesis…
dana: oh yeah, right…

Unfortunately I can see myself in this. I’m in the middle east and I decide that I want to go somewhere, and in the back of my mind one of the really good reasons to go to this place is because it’s far away from some other place that maybe, just maybe i should be going. So, I head off in my own direction and hey, what the hell! I can get there by boat! I’ve never gone anywhere via boat before. Let’s do it.

And then the skys darken and there’s a large sea creature and the end, though. There’s probably no vomit for me…

Remind me that never having gone anywhere by boat might be a perfectly fine thing when that day comes…

waaaay too insightful

3 May 2009

dana: jesus and i have talked about this.
josh: did you and jesus talk about this, or did you tell jesus this?
dana: um…

yeah. way too insightful.

catechism convo

1 May 2009

dana: well, as it says in our catechism, prayer is our response to god
isaac: that’s pretty good
dana: that’s why it’s the catechism.

internet conversations, cont.

9 April 2009

isaac: I worry it’s a moth to the flame type of thing
dana: the question is… what do i do with the flame now?
isaac: look at it with fascination like any good pyro
isaac: but it will burn!
dana: yeah, but it will burn in a good way or a bad way?
isaac: Dana
isaac: there is only the bad kind of burning…
dana: there is that whole evangelical “on fire for god” thing
dana: i don’t have that at all
isaac: right, so all that’s left is the scarring type of burning
isaac: so watch out!

A bit LOL
a bit WTF?
a lot *sigh*


internet conversations

10 September 2008

after sending this picture

Isaac: interesting, so it’s a movement.
dana: of sorts.
Isaac: you’re a trendsetter!
dana: bite me.

white trash

25 August 2008

dana: i am officially white trash
elle: why are you white trash? and no you are not
dana: i just yelled at my dog in the official ‘white trash voice’ to “shut the hell up, dog!”
elle: ok, that’s scary
elle: but at least you don’t have the christmas tree up, right??
elle: right??
dana: um…. it’s sitting on top of my tv with the decorations beside it…
elle: shit.
elle:i thought you were taking it down at easter!
dana: uh… yeah, about that…