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on biking.

6 September 2009

I’ve been thinking of bike riding recently. Well, more than thinking, really. Obsessively reading about biking. Frantic googling of bicycle commuting. Much as I did before I started headcovering. I wound up justifying that through faith and setting a specific date and just doing it.

I have no faith justifications here [though one could say that being good stewards of God’s creation might lead one to bike commuting, I’m not going that far, especially as Little Blue Death Bucket gets 40+ mpg’s (no kidding)] The incessant fear that LBDB might AT ANY MOMENT just stop going, never to be revived is really the biking stimulus.

I’m really interested in any form of transportation where I can look at it when there’s a problem and say “Hm… maybe that thing that used to be here is now over here.” I’m all about self-sufficency. I might not be the type of person who always took apart things to see how they worked, but I always kinda wanted too. I was always just a little afraid I’d never get them back together.  Seriously.

I recently replaced the rear tube on the bike (which needs a rockin’ name, BTW.) Rode it a very little bit and it had some problems, and while I was trying to take the wheel off the bike later the tube totally exploded. I don’t like exploding things. In fact, I don’t like balloons because they might explode. So, I put a new tube in that same night, but I haven’t taken the bike out yet, partially because I’m lazy but also because I’m just a bit afraid it might explode.

Though none of that is really the point of this post. The point might be, I’m obsessively reading about bike commuting, so why don’t I just go somewhere by bike? Uber-lameness is the only answer I can think of.

I’m off Monday. I can do this.


cars suck, yo.

19 July 2009

So, I have a car, its name is PANTS! (dumb story, which is the only endearing thing about the car) PANTS! has given me lots and lots of shit during the time that I’ve owned it, but in the past 18 months since I’ve been back in the states, it’s been real hell.  Towed thrice (in six months), to the mechanic (who happens to be my uncle, so glad I trust him!) five times. Most recently two simplish repairs. I got it back the week after the 4th, took it to Springfield and enrolled in my classes for the fall semster and got Zeke & I signed up for dog training at PetSmart in the next week. It worked like a charm. Then Sunday, I wanted to take it to church. I got about three miles from home when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to make it because the shifting & accellerating were just wrong.

Shit. I just got it back, and now another problem. So I decided, Fuck it. I am not fixing this car. I refuse.

So, I have my mother’s Geo, I call it the Little Blue Death Bucket (or LBDB for short). Between it & PANTS! I’ve maintained vehicular transportation. But the LBDB is getting old. And I’ve been warned that its lifespan is coming to an end, sometime, and that long distances & highway driving will bring that end faster.

My uncle, the mechanic, has been telling me for a while that I need to get a new car. (new, new to me, whatever — something more reliable) but I can think of a million things I’d rather buy than a car.

So, I’m prepping for a carless time. I’ve borrowed a friend’s bike that I’ve ridden a couple of times. I’m planning out routes to get me to work, away from cars. I’m thinking of people in my church that I can get rides from if that day comes.

I’m planning on riding to work, at least a few times a week to get used to it and to attempt to preserve car life.

I know I’m crazy. I know I should probably just buy a car. But I just don’t want to. It’s not about the environment. It is, in part, due to money. Car, registration, oil changes, gas, insurance, and other things I’m forgetting. It’s also the dependancy on other people, mainly mechanics. I want to be able to fix whatever might be wrong. I want my machinery to be simple enough for me to at least be able to see what is wrong. I want to depend on myself for my own movement.

At least in theory. I might change my mind when it’s no longer theoretical. Which hopefully will remain in the future.

semester summation

21 May 2009

So, the semester ended with a final last Friday. Grades were posted Tuesday and I made A’s in both Psychology and Physiology. Yay. Especially since I was considering taking a B in Psych because I was 5 “chapter logs” behind. I spent some serious petitioning time in during finals week before I actually sat down to write them Thursday. Obviously they were due on Friday at the Final.

Mercifully, my boss allowed me to go home early Thursday. I finished the papers with much less stress than I had anticipated and then stayed up for several more hours doing the Extra Credit assignment, which doubled as our study guide for the final. Yeah, you kinda have to love community college freshman level courses.  Or hate them. Whatever.

Credit hour summation: 7 Credit hours this semester, 191 (if I can add) cumulative undergraduate. Holy Crap. When I get done with the BSN, expect mid 200’s. One of the other students in psychology with me stated that his gpa couldn’t handle another B at this point. I’m thinking, eh? what’s another B. I have a reasonable gpa, it’s not going to hurt it all that much, really. What’s the difference between a 3.36 and a 3.39 or 3.35? Don’t they all round to 3.4?

Also, given the death (or at least comatose) state of the Little Blue Death Bucket (I’m expecting a DNR from the mechanic any minute now) the summer semester will be class free and will  pick up in the fall, god willing!

I am now looking into the possiblity of staying with some nuns for a while in July. I’d like them to be Epsicopal (even though my priest insists that Episcopal nuns are generally  ‘the bad kind of liberal/hippie’) because I want communion, damnit. But I’d go just about anywhere. Any suggestions?

disjointed, to say the least

15 May 2009

Historically, and by ‘historically’ I mean in my personal history, May 15th is a VERY important day and I’m not quite sure what to do with it, honestly.

Today was also important because I finished my finals for the semester, plus I asked a professor to write a letter of recommendation for nursing school. (oh, and she agreed!)

I had stayed up late writing papers and doing the extra credit assignment for my psychology final. The final itself was the same lenth as a normal test and thus took about twenty minutes to take. Which is good because that means I got out early and went to Springfield for some post-finals retail therapy.

Or something like that. I needed a watch for work. I had blown through several Wal*Mart watches. They break quickly for me, given my line of work. I have to wash my hands frequently. So, I thought since I’d go somewhere a little higher class than WalMart for a watch that might outlast a month, I’d go to the mall and just hit up all the places I’ve been wanting to go for a while. So I went to Joanne’s and bought some fabric for a pet project that I’ve been planning in my head for a while. I’m not quite sure if what I bought will fit in to the plan right now, but I’m sure if not, I’ll find something else for it. Besides, I’m all about getting that pet project fabric from the sale/clearance section.

Then to Target. For some reason I always forget that buying chocolate in the summer is not a good idea. By the time I got that stuff home it was all one big blob. But it’s still tasty like whoa. I also bought shampoo! That’s exciting for me because it means my 16 + month resolve to use up the soap pantry build up is slowly paying off. I am out of shampoo! I still have enough soap and conditioner to last until the Zombiepocalypse, but I’m on my way.

And then to the mall where I bought my beautiful watch. It’s a Relic from Sears. I really wanted a Fossil, but their designs kinda sucked. Plus, apparently Relic is made by Fossil, it’s small, water resistant, has dot for ALL the numbers and a second hand (all these are important for me because I use it for pulses and V/S at work and I don’t want to wait forever for the second hand to make it to the next quarter of a minute mark, you know?) and it was 25% off, so yay all the way around. I also ended up getting a completely unnessisary skirt, but it’s cute. Oh, and Flip Flops. My old ones were about to fall apart.

The last Springfield stop was the Catholic store. I had sent my “Immaculate Heart of Mary” prayer card to a friend who I thought might need her a little more than I did a while ago. I kept thinking that I would make it back and get another one and I had realized that I really missed her! So I got another one, Two, actually, for good measure and just in case. YAY IHM!

And if that weren’t enough as I was about to turn off to go home, I decided that no, I really should go put gas in the Little Blue Death Bucket, even though I was exhausted. So I went on into my small hometown. As I was filling up the tank, I swear to God, I heard this sound, and I thought to myself, “If I didn’t know better, I’d think that was the Call to Prayer from a mosque.” Seriously, long slow sounds of chanting. And so I listened. and I heard “ALLAHU AKBAR! Allahu Akbar!” coming from another car, I assumed. I tried looking around the car in front of me, to identify where exactly it was coming from, which I never did because I’m pretty sure it was some sort of intro to a song or something and all of a sudden it was gone, lost in some other song.

It was surreal, to say the least.

just a monday.

22 September 2008

A multimini update, which seems to be all I can handle anymore. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

I had my anatomy lab practical today, I don’t think I failed anymore. Not quite sure how I did. There was definite cramming going on postwork until about two am when I completely gave up. Even after that, there wasn’t much sleep. I did however, catch my dog when I got home so there wasn’t much cursing at him because of his dumbass barking all night. yay.

Between the lack of sleep, work stress and class and the fact that I carry all this stress in my shoulders, I can now feel my trapezius muscles are tense all the way down my back. great!

I bought this scarf at sears on Friday for a quarter the price I thought it would be and I thought it was half off, so YAY new red scarf. When I was getting ready today, I decided to wear my Rastafari shirt. I put on a green jacket over the shirt and a yellow underscarf with the black headband and red scarf and in the planning stages  (really rediculously sleep deprived planning stages) I thought this would be amazing. Red, green, yellow, a glorious combination of Rasta, right? well, except I had a black headband, a yellow stripe and then the red scarf which ended up looking much more German, since I’m wearing hijab style, it looks muslim, add in the rasta shirt and it was almost schizophrenic. for real. and then the yellow was bunching and blah blah blah. sucky head covering day.

Planning a couple of battles with my boss today. Should be fun.

All things got done yesterday. I successfully removed my car battery, replaced it with a new one from Walmart, reinstalled it. Put the spare tire on the other car. later this week I will need to go have the dud tire patched. PLUS I made it to mass. More to say on that later.

peace, ya’ll.

stressing & stressors.

21 September 2008


I’ve been having problems at work, right? Apparently I’m not all that good at hiding my frustration. I thought a little thing that might help me out would be some music that’s not the radio. Because while I do like pop, I can’t stand it at work. I don’t understand, I don’t really care. I had this really adorable mp3 player and recently it bit the dust. So, I bought a cheapy at Target the other day. Saturday morning, when I was getting ready for work, I put some of my music on it and took the preprogrammed music off. Somewhere in this transaction, something went wrong and now it won’t start up, the computer doesn’t recognize it when it’s plugged in, nothing. So, great, right?

Then, I go out to the Little Blue Death Bucket and realize I’ve left the lights on all night long and the battery is dead.

Frustrating, but not the end of the world because I do still have my car, PANTS! Except PANTS has a COMPLETELY flat tire. No big deal, I’ll jump start LBDB with PANTS! This was a difficult attempt because PANTS! has a battery that is not… conveniently.. oriented. The terminals are difficult to get to. But, I attempted, and think I got the jumper cables hooked up correctly and everything. But LBDB would not start. I must need a new battery.

And still, I realize that I am blessed (realized, not at the time, but in retrospect) because I have an air compressor at the house. I fill up PANTS!’s tire and make it to work.

Unfortunately, I’m fifteen minutes LATE, instead of my usual fifteen minutes EARLY which means I get a late start and run behind all night long. I don’t get any breaks. I don’t sit down until after ten.

Plan for tomorrow:
remove battery from LBDB
put spare on PANTS!
make sure spare is fully flated.
Exchange battery.
replace battery.
Study for lab practical exam on Monday.

We’ll just have to seen what parts get pulled at the last minute.

Bless the Lord who forgives all our sins!

25 August 2008

and saves us from rear end crashes that would be all our fault. Summary: driving down the road, slowing down because I’m entering a town. NOT SLOWING DOWN enough. SLAM ON BRAKES! SQUEAL! SQUINT! Thank you, Jesus!

His mercy endures forever.

OH MY DOG! Episode 1

24 August 2008

My dog has a really bad habit of brining things he finds back home with him and depositing them on the porch or front yard. OH MY DOG! will be a short report on his findings along with any other crazy thing he decides to do. The first installment is actually not something he brought back home, but something he did to something already here. I have referred to the car I drive as the “little blue death bucket” this is an accurate descriptioin, as it is a metal bucket on wheels. If it were to ever collide with something, it doesn’t stand a chance of ever coming back. However, the MPG’s on this thing are amazing, and now that I’m over constantly killing it in first, I happen to love it. So does Fluffy. He chewed on my bumper!

“courtesy strand”

21 August 2008

So, I’m at my school, done with my first class and… nothing happened! I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. People are not all that comfortable the first day. I guess. I think I’m a little disappointed. People were really nice to me. It was rainy/grey on they way over and I had my windshield wipers on and, because I’m such a rule follower, I had my lights on. With the Little Blue Death Bucket, which has no way of indicating that you left your lights on. So I park near to a dude sitting in his own Metro, get out and start toward the building and the guy warns me that  I left my lights on. Which is really great because the LBDB’s battery dies fairly easily. As I found out in Springfield this summer, under simmilar circumstances. At least I have jumper cables now!

And now the anticipation of work. I might go for a slightly different look. But I’m not sure exactly how. I like the Islamic style because I know how to do it, not look completely stupid and I know it SHOULD stay in place. Other ways, I’m not so sure about. This will take definite experimentation. I went Islamic style this morning, with a “courtesy strand” if you will (not my term, but aptly put.) I have more to say on style, later.