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currently thinking:

4 June 2009

*the ‘bun’ might just be the unsexiest hairdoo ever.

*PANTS!’s death is impending.
*shit shit, what will i do?
*take a chill pill, obviously. it’s only a car.

*no one’s better than ezra.

*barak is an OT name, huh.
*thanks random judges passage.

*gonna kill the dog.
*get out of the trash, zeke.
*put the g-d lid on, dana.
*well, then. stop bitching about it.
*touche, but no.
*awww, he’s cute.

*”his wings are a refuge for all who run to him…”

*need to do the dishes.

*nursing school apps need to be sent in already!
*nursing school is too far away.
*no, it’s coming too quickly

*need to get the hell outta here
*must. stay. here.
*but why?
*duty, of course.

*i want to pray with these nuns.

*”the hope no violence could tame…”

*seriously, least. sexy. ever.
*it’s kinda making my head itch
*and kinda hurt.
*now, for an “im a crazy protestant” scarf
*i really only need the jeans skirt
* proud that i don’t actually own a jeans skirt.
*way too proud, actually.

the end.


hung on psalters

24 April 2009

praise god who brings delivery
praise god who shuts the womb.