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4 January 2011

So, between becoming OMG ill on Thursday and too dumb to call in, I popped ibuprofen all night and did the work thing. And then again on Friday. Saturday I didn’t have to work, but by then the fever was gone. Which I suppose is good. I still have a wicked cough, but at least there’s no fever.

Saturday I didn’t get enough sleeps and Sunday sent me into this downward spiral of

~I hate myself
~Imma fail out of nursing school
~No one here will miss me
~I have no friends
~I hate myself

It was lots of fun, let me tell you. I think I’m mostly better now. I am, at least, mostly distracted. Which works for me. My last day of work is tonight which is exciting and terrifying. It means I MUST NEEDS PACK! (oh holy crap, this is really happening.) Speaking of Oh Holy Crap, I think this is the only “holiday” music I voluntarily listened to this season.

Speaking of links, I have a couple more. Elle sent this to me with a simple note “I think this is more of a WIN” and I have to agree.
epic fail photos - Puzzle Book FAIL

And finally, a horrible headline. At Least 80 Die as Africans Continue to Defy Death Crossing into Yemen I mean, simply in terms of there not being all that much death-defying in that article and really just sad because people are dying to be in a safe country. And if you consider Yemen to be worth dying for, your home must be really bad. There used to be news reports out about smugglers getting close to land, seeing the Yemeni Coast Guard and forcing the refugees to jump overboard because they didn’t want to get caught. Thankfully I haven’t seen that recently.

I think it’s time to start taking up the daily prayer for refugees…

Once again, this has been your hastily composed, run-on sentanced, sleepy post. Yes. The post is sleepy.


random things i’ll probably delete when i get some sleep

8 December 2010

You know those days when you hate yourself? It’s like you dwell on every little thing you said and did in the past decade and how it was all terrible? Yeah. Welcome to my day — well night but now going into the day. Now I can’t sleep. Go figure.

I should probably read some Psalms. But that’ll probably screw me all up too. Dear Jesus: SAY WHA? srsly.

I know, I know, that one of you who’s all “dana, is this really jesus’ fault?” i say, “well probably not but i’m still pissed about the whole Betty thing, which really was his fault. and totally not related to this at all.

While I’m taking out my illogically-related-to-the-trinity things out, Dear Holy Spirit: Please be a little more OBVIOUS about things you say to your people. Cause a lot of people say you told them shit, and it’s kinda hard to reconcile. All I’m sayin’ is a little *raises hand* “you know, I really DIDN’T speak to that crazy televangelist” I’d be like more cool with you as a general idea. So, when you get on that, give me a heads up with everyone else.

Cause you know I tend to be the last to know shit. Also, to the Father part: can we work on people skillz? Mine in particular, but your whole “christian” people could use a little of that action.

One final thing for the whole Trinity: Thanks for this semester almost being over. And thanks for making it look like this whole “nursing school” thing might just work out. I’m beginning to believe it’s really going to happen. I’ll totally believe it when I move. Though I won’t ever trust it’s real until I have that BSN in hand.

a long day’s night? or night’s day?

16 September 2010

Sometimes, after a really ridiculously stressful night, ending with my coworkers being awesome people, all I really want is that bike ride home. And then I realize I was running late last night and drove PANTS! instead of riding the bike (which still needs a name, thinking zaharah right now) DOWNER. So I drove home, showered and rode the bike to class.

Which was lovely. Not the class. I’d like nothing more than to stab the professor with plastic forks because he drives me batty. BUT the ride home was FANTASTIC. I sang “I wear my sunglasses at night” and then made up a song about CHF and COPD and how they suck and may end up requiring fluid restrictions and diuretic medications.

And now I need to go to sleep because I want to go to a couple of churches tonight.

Happy Hanukkah!

13 December 2009


I’m celebrating in a possibly blasphemous, completely contrived way. I’d like to say I’m enjoying it, but I’m super stressed from waiting to hear about this job. I think the interview went well enough, but … it might just come down to me not having any experience in this area. I hope not because I totally want this job and I know I can rock it.

At the same time, my current job is stressing me out as well. There are a lot of new people, a lot of under-staffing and it’s hard. Plus my coworkers are irritating me, which probably says more about me than them.

I’m having the stressed out dreams. Something about a brand new rotting bicycle and a shop reminiscent of Yemen. Something else about work. Something else about church. It’s probably good I don’t remember them any better than I do.

I’m also thinking about headcovering off and on. It seems to be just something I do now, which is fine by me, but I think when I move, I will stop the full time covering, and I will probably miss it. I’ve gone through phases with the headcovering. The most recent of which was a Jewish style, around the head and around the bun in the back of my head. It’s becoming uncomfortable though. I find myself wanting to wear full hijab or nothing. Not really sure why. I end up wearing hijab at my house and something else outside of it. Because I don’t want the Islamic associations.  I’ve done hijab before and then moved on. Like I said, phases. Guess I’ll just take it as it comes.

Anyway, prayers for obtaining this job, housing, transportation, and workable class schedule, plus not freaking out & what not are appreciated.

Victory is so close

9 August 2009

Okay, so I previously mentioned the Soap/Shampoo/Conditioner saga. In a sentence summary: I vowed not to buy more of any of any one category until all in my house was used up. That vow was made mid-December 2007. In April 2009, a mere 16 months later, I declared victory over the shampoo. I finished the last of it, and bought new. Today, August 8, 2009 I declare victory over the conditioner. (That horse conditioner doesn’t count, and may be going into the trash soon)  Tomorrow, to try out the new conditioner I bought. The only one left is soap. I have at least another bar and a bottle left. Tremble soap, you’re going down!


20 April 2009

contemplating tryin’ my hand at normal cause ‘crazy’ aint all it’s cracked up to be…

what do you say to this?

1 December 2008


What a wonderful hope we have!

I know that it’s Advent and moving closer to Winter, but are you aware that IT IS SNOWING?!?! Holy Jesus Snack Cup, people. It’s SNOWING! I’m not cool with this.

On the way out of work, I wrapped a RIDICULOUSLY BLUE scarf around my work headcovering, and one of the girls told me I looked like an old lady. The bright blue, I think predisposes her thoughts to “old” but it is TOO CUTE.

and I realize that this is, once again becoming a conglomeration of random thoughts. I will blame it on the lack of sleep and ridiculously cold weather.

In other RIDICULOUS! news, RED BOX PLEAT SKIRT! sewn by me.

random things that i’ve been thinking about

20 November 2008

*i can’t get the dog in or keep the cat out.

*it would behoove me to remember “every person lost and broken wears the body of our Lord”

*i ❤ Mass of Creation

*I took Top 40 back.

*The person who said “If we are of the same Spirit, we should all agree” is so not Anglican.

*Why would doing things for Entertainment alone necessarily be bad?

*”Why you wanna show off all your scars?” (because they’re MINE)

*Sometimes I think I do things because they go against my ‘you should avoid the appearance of evil’ upbringing.

*Apparently I’ve been mishearing this lyric since I first heard this song, and my interpretation with my mishearing was, IMO much better than the original.

or we could go to all the places where the money’s spent
and buy whatever new distractions that the suits invent
they know the demographic that we represent
because they heard all of our secrets through the internet

honestly, the “heard” is a little weird, should be “read” right? but never the less, a rather powerful statement about our generation and openness with information via the internet. I just found out the lyrics are actually

or we could go to all the places where the money’s spent
and buy whatever new distractions that the suits invent
they know the demographic that we represent
because they heard all of our secrets through the heating vent
~When the Party Ends — Saturday Looks Good To Me

Heating vent? really? internet is feasible and has a punch. heating vent is just lame.