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outing + sighting

26 April 2009

I slept in this morning and debated back and forth about going to Springfield to the mall. I know I don’t need anything, but man, I want to see what’s out. I want a new skirt!

So, I wait around, call a friend. Finally I decide that, hey, since I’m already dressed, I might as well go. I get there, I’m driving in the parking lot and I see a family. Father, pushing a stroller, a couple children walking near him and his wife. Who happens to be wearing a brown abaya/jilbab, lacy brown scarf and a half niqaab tied under the hijab.

It is good that I came today. I’m calling the day a Full House. I ended up seeing three niqaabis and two women in bonnets! They made me feel ridiculously ‘undercover’ in my white-with purple-pink-orange flowered kerchief. Which, by the way, was complimented by the sales lady at New York & Company. She was a very good sales lady. Creepily so.

Plus, I got three sweaters on sale and three tshirts to replace some I bought to take with me to Yemen. Yeah, they were getting holes in them. Unfortunately, I have to go back tomorrow because one of the sweaters I bought didn’t get that security tag removed. What will tomorrow bring?



15 April 2009

Seen at Target:

Woman, with a white bonnet in a grey dress. Wearing a track-style jacket and sneakers with, what I can only assume are Target tall socks. Working with the digital photo kiosk.

Warmed my heart.

not quite sighting

2 March 2009

So, after mass yesterday, I was at Walmart, and there were quite a few hispanic families there as well. Well, one of the older hispanic ladies had this lace shawl wrapped around her shoulders, and I was all internally “OH! I bet that was her mantilla at mass!” and I kinda wanted to ask, but the only words that came to me were “hal hatha ‘mantilla’ fii kanisatik?” which would have totally not been appropriate. whatev.

more misrepresentations

12 October 2008

So, Saturday after I got done with Altar Guild set up, I went to Walmart for some essentials. Like thread and Ice Cream (a true essential, you know) and while there, I saw a fellow headcovering lady. She was wearing a long white veil, long sleeved tshirt and a jean skirt. I waved, and she said “Hi!” It was very pleasant and I was kinda giddy afterwards.

And then I crashed, as I normally do. It hit me that even as I feel like I’m misrepresenting myself when I am at school if I wear hijab (which I rarely do anymore, in favor of a loose style) I feel like I’m misrepresenting myself even if i go in a very traditional protestant christian kerchief style (which was what I was wearing at the time) because the protestant headcoverers that i’m finding are very frugally oriented, at least trying to keep a good house, home cook, ect. I am NONE of these things. I work because I have to. Well, I work because I want to as well. I’m going to school to get my BSN because I want to continue to work after I get married. I am a HORRIBLE housekeeper. (See snake story. Actually, I haven’t written snake story, suffice to say that it starts with a snake in the house and ends with a gas fire. The house is still intact, PRAISE THE LORD! ) I don’t cook. Mostly because of the schedule, but also because I suck at it. I seriously bought ice cream, spinach and dr. pepper and hoped that there was enough canned food in the house to last the week. Today I did go buy a pizza and a tray of enchiladas which shoould last the week.

What I’m saying is that I’m not a homemaker. I have more examples, but I don’t need to embarrass myself any more. What am I saying when I put on a headcover?  Am I saying that I am domestic? That I am married and have children? What are you saying? What do other people assume?


6 September 2008

I am currently in the STL visiting a dear friend. I knew it was going to be a great weekend when I was driving near her house and I saw a NUN! dressed all in white, with a black head covering. Then, when we were in UCity walking around waiting for Hamlet 2, there were HIJABIS! then, of course was Hamlet 2 (sacrilige to the max, yo.)

Today was fabric stores, several alcohol stores, CHICKEN SHAWARMA! church/temple sightings, more hijabis at global foods, and the rental of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanimo Bay.

Good times.

plainclothes sighting

23 August 2008

Today, as I was at “The Place Which Shall Not Be Named” I saw a plainclothes woman. She was with a plainclothes man, a baby and a woman dressed “normally” I would assume they were amish or mennonite, as I saw several other plainclothes men around as well. However, she wasn’t wearing a bonnet, but a white kerchief on her head. She was also wearing a long sleeved green dress that went down to mid-calf, a white apron and flip-flops. I had to restrain myself, repeating “dana, it is not appropriate to hug strangers./dana, stop staring!” over and over. Thankfully I ‘just happened’ to have to walk past them a couple of times…