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why is everybody always chasing we?

7 October 2010

Dear Matisyahu,
I love you. I’m sorry I listened to those naysayers commenting on “Youth” It’s fantastic.
❤ dana.

Jerusalem, if I forget you, let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do.

So, on a completely different note: I started this book by Stephen Prothero, Religious Literacy and it has me thinking about my own religious literacy. I have a good general knowledge of world religions, and I remember stuff from when I was a kid about Bible stories. But some people, man! They really know their Bible! I have a good overview of it, but I can’t quote anything at length. (I can make up faux psalms though).

Anyway, I know when Isaac said he read most of the Bible, I think he finished it up with “and I’ll never do that again” but, I think once again, I am resolved to read … some more of it. at least. We’ll see.


currently thinking:

4 June 2009

*the ‘bun’ might just be the unsexiest hairdoo ever.

*PANTS!’s death is impending.
*shit shit, what will i do?
*take a chill pill, obviously. it’s only a car.

*no one’s better than ezra.

*barak is an OT name, huh.
*thanks random judges passage.

*gonna kill the dog.
*get out of the trash, zeke.
*put the g-d lid on, dana.
*well, then. stop bitching about it.
*touche, but no.
*awww, he’s cute.

*”his wings are a refuge for all who run to him…”

*need to do the dishes.

*nursing school apps need to be sent in already!
*nursing school is too far away.
*no, it’s coming too quickly

*need to get the hell outta here
*must. stay. here.
*but why?
*duty, of course.

*i want to pray with these nuns.

*”the hope no violence could tame…”

*seriously, least. sexy. ever.
*it’s kinda making my head itch
*and kinda hurt.
*now, for an “im a crazy protestant” scarf
*i really only need the jeans skirt
* proud that i don’t actually own a jeans skirt.
*way too proud, actually.

the end.

internet conversations, cont.

9 April 2009

isaac: I worry it’s a moth to the flame type of thing
dana: the question is… what do i do with the flame now?
isaac: look at it with fascination like any good pyro
isaac: but it will burn!
dana: yeah, but it will burn in a good way or a bad way?
isaac: Dana
isaac: there is only the bad kind of burning…
dana: there is that whole evangelical “on fire for god” thing
dana: i don’t have that at all
isaac: right, so all that’s left is the scarring type of burning
isaac: so watch out!

A bit LOL
a bit WTF?
a lot *sigh*



30 March 2009

how is it possible to be uplifted and disheartened  simultaneously? or at least swung back and forth between the two in just the one day?

(nearly) Christmas

24 December 2008

So, about four months ago I started covering and at that time I said that I’d reevaluate at Christmas and see if this was something that I wanted to continue to do or if it was not really for me.

And… now it’s  (nearly) Christmas and I’m really torn.  I really can’t say whether or not it’s been helpful in any religious way. In the beginning I probably prayed more, but now that enthusiasm has gone. In the beginning, I noticed that certain things started standing out more than they would have before. (especially when married couples showed up on the daytime talk shows and how over-lording the women were compared to their subservient husbands) But now, the newness has gone. I may still notice things but I don’t notice that I’m noticing them. How dumb does that sound?

This headcovering thing  has become part of me. Even now, as I am seriously considering stopping covering, I’m looking for hijab underscarves. (I’ve been pining for a lacy one, instead of these uncomfortably tight headbands)

While headcovering has become part of me, I mostly just want to stop looking like a freak. This stems mostly from work, where I wear white triangle bandana things for the most part and look like I’m a KrAzEe protestant. Okay, so I might be some kind of crazy and I am  protestant, but the combination is generally not how I think of myself. I am not a Bible literalist. I don’t believe in a seven day creation and I’m not a giant fan of Paul. I find myself in direct opposition to most headcovering protestants. I’m not sure where that puts me.

I was talking about this to a friend, and he suggested that I move somewhere like San Francisco, where people just don’t care. I really don’t agree with that. Sometimes liberals are just as closeminded as conservatives. And anyway, I’ve been pretty surprised at how people here just ignore it. I can’t remember any comments from  strangers in my local small town areas, neither in my work kerchief  or my church shawl. and I’ve only had a couple comments when wearing either the church shawl or hijab in the ‘big city’ an hour away. People generally ignore it. His reaction was “So there! Nobody cares! Do as you please.” Sure, I can see that. No one comments, so what’s stopping me. Heck, I’m oblivious to strange stares for the most part.

The problem is that I want to be normal! Sure, I’m not getting comments or anything, but they know I’m different. I want to fit in! But yet, I know that even if I take this off, I won’t fit in. I will still be my strange bundle of contradictions that other people just don’t get. And I realize that because of that, I should keep doing what feels just damn right to me.

But I’m still torn.

liturgical lexicon

4 December 2008

So, I have mentioned my disdain for the “protestant lexicon” before, but have I mentioned that I LOVE the liturgical lexicon? Because I do. I love that we are in Advent and awaiting the Incarnation of our Lord. I have gotten over most of my GRR! People! It’s Advent, not Christmas, and am much more okay with the nonliturgical/secular Christmas season which, apparently has already begun.

But I will wait and anticipate and prepare for Christmas.

it always has taken me a long time to respond

30 October 2008

When I was in Ethiopia, my traveling partner and I went to this fairly nice restaurant. It was there that I had my first White Russian since I had arrived in Yemen. We sat down at a table and a large circle table was next to us. I heard them talking and they had a distinctively Texan accent.  I was facing their table and looking at them. There were quite a few people and NONE of them had alcohol. I decided at this moment that they were somehow missionaries.

One of the men turned and looked at me, recognizing an American accent as well, and attempted to strike up a conversation. He asked if we were Christian, and we were all “yeah” and then he asked if we were “born again Christians.” My memory is fuzzy on how we got out of this one, but I’m pretty sure it was with a few “uhhs” and a bathroom run.

Next time, I’m prepared, thanks to Mother Kathy. “Yeah, I’ve been baptized!”

Or maybe I’ll go biblical on him. “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” (John 3:4 ESV) Because really, this is a pretty good question to me. OOH! If he follows up with Jesus’ reply, and I can totally respond with the “Yeah! I’ve been baptized!”

It is the protestant lexicon that just gets me to the core. Throwing words around like they/we know what they mean! Born again, born again! What can that mean? How can you use it so casually? And whatever the answer is, you judge them as “one of us vs. one of them” “saved vs. needs saving”. And that works in the binary system, but I live in the reals.