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a small explanation.

3 September 2008

So, nobody’s asked, but I’m sure everyone is just dying to know why the title of my blog is “Holy Jesus Snack Cup!” Especially since I am most definitely religious and this doesn’t seem like something that a Christian woman would say. Besides, it doesn’t even make sense. Until you see this: Prefilled Communion Cups With Wafers. Did you catch that? Prefilled communion cups! “No waste!” Easier clean up! Let me tell you, if it’s easier clean up, then there’s waste! Not both.

The whole idea makes me sad inside. Maybe it’s just me, but I love the “one cup” thing. Sure, it takes a little while longer for everyone to make it to the front of the church and drink (or dunk) from the cup, but it brings us together in a way prefilled plastic cups just can’t do. (What is Unity?) As far as their “It’s sanitary!” pitch goes, I thought that was what the alcohol was for. (Our alter wine is 18%!)

Anyway, I passed this little find along to Elle who promptly named it the “Jesus Snack Cup.” After that I decided that “Holy Jesus Snack Cup” was probably the best curse word/phrase ever. I have since taken it into my usual vocabulary. People look at me funny when I say it, but people look at me funny anyway. I’m learning to embrace it.


age old questions.

25 August 2008

As Mother Kathy talked about the importance of age old questions that still have relevancy today on Sunday, I was reminded today in class of this as our teacher asked us to spend some time thinking on “What is life?” before continuing on with the biological definition of life. I wasn’t too interested in this question. What struck me later, as she was trying to dig out a definition of “biochemical unity” she asked another, and to me far more interesting question, “What is Unity?”

What is Unity? indeed.