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it’s not really late night yet, is it?

14 February 2011

So, I have two tests next week and I’m trying to figure out the muscarinic receptors in the peripheral nervous system and it’s all crazy-like. And then there’s the adronergic receptors as well AND the Central nervous system. Somehow I don’t think L-Dopa is going to carry me through. Especially since I only remember a little about it. Anyway, what am I doing instead of studying? I’m glad you asked. I found this repository of videos that an OTC instructor put up of religious leaders talking to her religion class. So, I’m watching Fr. Moses Berry, who’s pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch Rabbi Sherwin’s videos on Judaism and Dr. Waafa Kaff’s on Islam too.

But I’m going to leave you with a quote from Fr. Moses Berry and get back to studying.

“If you can imagine a virgin birth, you can definitely imagine a weeping icon. If you can imagine Jesus being nailed to the cross and resurrecting after he died, then a weeping icon is not such a leap.”



25 December 2010

So, I decided to go to the orthodox church for nativity vigil tonight. Partially because I hadn’t ever been to this service and partially because I figured they wouldn’t do the traditional Christmas hymns. I’ve been pretty much completely bah-humbuggy this year and have pretty much ignored Advent, with the intent of avoiding Christmas as much as possible.

I walked into the service and stood behind some other people. I was thinking the service would be fairly long, definitely more than an hour, probably closer to two or three, but wanted to know if it were longer than that, for sure. Finally I walked over to Steve, a (longer term than me, anyway) member and asked “How long is this service.”
He paused and said “Really long.”
Needing a bit more clarification, as I knew that much already, I asked “Yeah, but how long”
Holding up three fingers, he said “Three hours. I think. I mean, Easter vigil is about that long, so I believe it will be about that long.”

So yeah, it was a little over three hours. Three and a half, if you count the post-communion prayers. My clothes smell highly of incense. Gotta say, I really love it.

In other words, I’m finally getting used to the “Christ is Risen/He is and shall be” response and now they’ve gone and changed it to “Christ is Born/Glorify Him” or something.

One final note on the Orthodox service, I was totally wrong about the carols. They were sung. I thought I was going to have a panic attack during them. Ugh. BE NORMAL DANA.

This totally doesn’t make any sense.

16 November 2010

So, it’s not like I intentionally try to misrepresent myself, but I think often my actions don’t translate well into “normal people speak.” I linger too long in churches. Hell, the fact that I am a 27 year old female with no children and go to church at all is enough to put me in the “weird” category, add in this reluctance to move from my pew or space in the church for much too long after the service probably puts me into “creepy weird” and for those churches and congregations where I really would like to attempt to semi-integrate myself, I try to hang out afterward and I just don’t have the communication skills to bring me out of “that creepy weird quiet girl who hangs out here.”

Two congregations I think of in particular. Both of which I kinda love. Neither of which I have any background in previously. Both of which have accepted me as they can. I also get the distinct feeling that the members of both expect that, by my continued presence, I want to become a member. People from both congregations have asked me if I am attending or plan to attend the classes for introductory preparation to “convert” if you will. I am not. At the time I said that I couldn’t commit to going every week because of my work schedule. Which is true. More true is that I’m not sure I would go even if my schedule allowed. Because I honestly have no desire to commit to any one denomination, or apparently even religion.

I have a question though. Am I being dishonest to these congregations by showing up? I never represented myself as anyone other than a wanderer. I don’t think I have it in me to say to any of the congregants, “Sorry, I really have no intention of converting at this point.” Though I’ve also never said “I’m a catechumen/undergoing conversion.” I just really like the way they pray.

My disdain for the term “convert” can be continued at another time.