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it’s not about modesty, it’s about sunscreen.

30 June 2009

So, a week ago I started walking my dog twice a day, once in the late morning to noonish time and once after I got off work, around 11:30 at night.

Yeah, I started from nothing and BAM, at least 4 miles a day. So far, it’s been an interesting experience. Thankfully, I have a fairly active job so I’m used to being on my feet, and I stay on my feet all day. (I have found that once I sit down it’s a bit hard to get back up)

The daytime walk/jog is the kicker for me. I like to run a little bit of it, a mile or so for now, but it’s also the hottest time of the day. I suppose theoretically I could get up earlier in the morning when it is cooler, but I know me and that’s never going to happen. So, I’m left with dealing with the heat.

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with it right now. The first couple of days I went in pants, a long sleeved shirt and a bandana. Then I did a couple days in shorts and a tank top (one day with a bandana, once without) and then I went back to the first style.

I think, for now, I might prefer the pants/sleeves combo. But don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not really about the modesty. It’s about the sunscreen. I hate that shit. I had  some that was years and years and years old. So I threw it away and thought to myself, I’ll buy some of that new spray on kind. It sounds pretty good. And so I did. Let me tell you, in theory that stuff should rock socks. But I hate it.

It says that it is non-greasy, but when I wear it, I feel like I’m smearing baby oil on my body. It says “no rub” but when I spray, it either is really uneven or it gets all over my bathroom. And then my floor is greasy and slick and icky. And then, if you want to put it on your face, you have to spray it in your hand and then rub in on your face. So, it fails on both the “no rub” and the “non-greasy” claims. NOT A FAN.

Though I do have to say that it was sweat- proof, and didn’t drip in my eyes. However, once that stuff is on your hands it’s staying there, so even as I brushed the sweat off of me, it went from my hand to my eye. Which, okay. might sound gross, (because it is a little) but it’s also true.

Let me also say that since it is sweatproof, it’s just a little bit bathing proof as well. And then it’s all in your tub/shower making it a hazard because, as I’ve said before, the ‘nongreasy’ line is a LIE. And it never comes off me or the tub when it’s all over your body, like you need to wear it when you’re wearing shorts & a tank top. Maybe if I had a shower I could live with it, but in my current situation, I don’t really want to.

Which leads me to wearing more clothes to replace the sunscreen. It’s been cooler the past couple days and so the clothes aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I also bought a new face sunscreen to try tomorrow that’s the more traditional cream/non-spray type.

As a side note: at night I wear pants with a short sleeved shirt because a) no one is going to see me b) i don’t have to wear sunscreen to protect me from the moon c) it’s cooler, even though the bugs can get me.

I’m not saying this is a definitive “I will never wear shorts again!” because I’ve been doing this for a week. But after a week, this is where I stand.


a running followup

25 June 2009

So, I wrote earlier about going running. And then I didn’t say much. Because I didn’t do much. And then I was talking to a friend about my dog over the weekend. Apparently some of his  whinyness might be due to not getting as much exercise as he needs. So I resolved to walk him daily, or rather, twice a day. Which I put off, until on Monday when he finally chewed through the tie out he was on.

That night, after I got back from work we went for a walk. Yeah, I walk my dog at midnight. Because that’s how much I love him. Even as he is pulling my arm off. And the next day we went in the morning. I wore pants and a long sleeved shirt and a walmart bandana. And the next day as well. It was warm, but could have been worse.

Today, though, I decided to try a “run while dog walking” and, also because of some other things that I’ve been dealing with I decided to shorts it up. So I went out in shorts and a sleeveless t and no scarf. And we went for a jog/walk/stand still with my dog.

It felt weird. It felt nice. It was a little betraying, and a little freeing, and a little WTF?

And then I took a bath, put on my skirt/shirt/light sweater/scarf and went to work for the in-service (I have the night off)

Hypocritical? probably.
Do I really care? A little bit.
Am I really that devoted to modesty? No.
But do I love headcovering? Somehow, yes.

And now, what do I do?
Fuck, I don’t know.

currently thinking:

4 June 2009

*the ‘bun’ might just be the unsexiest hairdoo ever.

*PANTS!’s death is impending.
*shit shit, what will i do?
*take a chill pill, obviously. it’s only a car.

*no one’s better than ezra.

*barak is an OT name, huh.
*thanks random judges passage.

*gonna kill the dog.
*get out of the trash, zeke.
*put the g-d lid on, dana.
*well, then. stop bitching about it.
*touche, but no.
*awww, he’s cute.

*”his wings are a refuge for all who run to him…”

*need to do the dishes.

*nursing school apps need to be sent in already!
*nursing school is too far away.
*no, it’s coming too quickly

*need to get the hell outta here
*must. stay. here.
*but why?
*duty, of course.

*i want to pray with these nuns.

*”the hope no violence could tame…”

*seriously, least. sexy. ever.
*it’s kinda making my head itch
*and kinda hurt.
*now, for an “im a crazy protestant” scarf
*i really only need the jeans skirt
* proud that i don’t actually own a jeans skirt.
*way too proud, actually.

the end.


30 March 2009

dogjabiSo, apparently when I get bored and procrastinating, I become kinda cruel. Zeke-zeke is being very good to me in this moment and not trying to chew my kerchief off or licking me uncontrollably. Isn’t he adorable? (all i can think of is HA-RAM!)

why my neighbors hate me.

10 September 2008

dana: so, both of the big fluorescent bulbs in my kitchen are out.
dana: and i am too freakin lazy to change them.
dana: or take one out to see what kind it is to buy two more
Isaac: is this part of your white trash aesthetic?
dana: that, and my lack of lawn mowing
dana: and the random plastic crap that zekiel brings back.
Isaac: lol
Isaac: gurl, you gots one fucked up yard!
dana: fuck you.
Isaac: sorry, I was getting into the white trash spirit
dana: and i ‘forget’ to bring in the mail for days at a time
dana: i know
dana: it was clasy.
dana: i’m so freakin’ lazy
dana: oh, and i’m probably going to copy/paste this into a white trash post.

white trash

25 August 2008

dana: i am officially white trash
elle: why are you white trash? and no you are not
dana: i just yelled at my dog in the official ‘white trash voice’ to “shut the hell up, dog!”
elle: ok, that’s scary
elle: but at least you don’t have the christmas tree up, right??
elle: right??
dana: um…. it’s sitting on top of my tv with the decorations beside it…
elle: shit.
elle:i thought you were taking it down at easter!
dana: uh… yeah, about that…

OH MY DOG! Episode 1

24 August 2008

My dog has a really bad habit of brining things he finds back home with him and depositing them on the porch or front yard. OH MY DOG! will be a short report on his findings along with any other crazy thing he decides to do. The first installment is actually not something he brought back home, but something he did to something already here. I have referred to the car I drive as the “little blue death bucket” this is an accurate descriptioin, as it is a metal bucket on wheels. If it were to ever collide with something, it doesn’t stand a chance of ever coming back. However, the MPG’s on this thing are amazing, and now that I’m over constantly killing it in first, I happen to love it. So does Fluffy. He chewed on my bumper!


21 August 2008

Okay. So, I think I’m going to ‘cop out’ at work. I need more time to decide what will be appropriate and maybe some more time of practicing at school and church! in less hostile environments. Maybe hint around the idea at work and just become more comfortable with the whole thing in general. A few (read: lot)more conversations with Jesus (and let’s not forget Mary) are also planned.

Speaking of church, I’m totally supposed to cantor on Sunday, which always makes me nervous. (I generally do okay, but I’m still nervous.) Well, at least I’ll get there early and get to have a preconversation  with the choir.

Also, for the curious, I wore my B.F.F. shirt to school today. and fluffy is unforgiven. (I’m repoison ivied, much less severe so far.)